IntraCal - A high quality nutritional supplement

IntraCal® is a high quality formula of calcium and magnesium orotate orotate. Orotates are mineral salts that orotic acid used to make DNA and RNA. They pass easily through cell membranes and are made of mineral atoms into cells and cell tissues.

"This is an incredibly good calcium and magnesium, which simply deletes all common mineral supplements. For those who suffer from bad absorption, low stomach acid, or simply poor digestion, this formula of high calcium and magnesium can seem miraculous their ability. "

  • Provides optimum calcium in an ultra-absorbable
  • Works to efficiently transport usable calcium in the bones

IntraCal IntraCal® is a revolutionary new formula designed to help your body absorb calcium directly in skeletal tissue. It has been estimated that only 9% of a traditional calcium tablet is absorbed by the body. This means that you may be subjecting the skeleton to a very healthy diet and pulling the remaining 91% of the calcium you really need!

IntraCal® penetrates the cell membranes to provide more calcium when needed!

IntraCal® is a very advanced form of Calcium Orotate that has been combined with magnesium orotate. This combination effectively provides the highest levels of calcium to promote optimal health and bone cells.

Orotates mineral salts are a natural substance called orotic acid. They are in your body and also dairy products. Orotic acid is an acidic heterocyclic compound, also known as acid pirimidinecarboxílico. Historically thought of the vitamin B complex, which was produced by the intestine and was called vitamin B13, but we know that is not one vitamin, and is produced by the intestinal flora. Its salts, known as Orotatea, sometimes are used as a carrier of minerals in some dietary supplements to enhance their bioavailability. Lithium Orotate is the most used in this way.

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