I lost a lot of hair in recent months, and although I have been taking several treatments, the problem persisted. Then one of the doctors made a couple of tests to identify the real cause of my hair loss, so we found out that the major cause for it was calcium deficiency. Although my diet seemed to be balanced apparently I was not absorbing the calcium that I was consuming. My doctor recommended to start IntraCal treatment as soon as possible, and since I'm taking IntraCal my hair loss problems are over!

Albert, Ohio

I didn’t have enough energy to develop my daily activities, most of the time I spent with fatigue. The doctor performed some tests that resulted in a high level of malnutrition, which was the main cause of my lack of energy. Given the results of analysis, the doctor advised me to take IntraCal so I can assimilate in a better way the minerals in my food. Thanks to IntraCal now I have much more energy and vitality, I am a happy witness of the effectiveness of IntraCal.

James, Michigan

What IntraCal has done to my health over a short period of time, marked my life profoundly. From the color of my skin, my appearance has improved dramatically thanks to IntraCal since can now assimilate in a better the nutrients contained in food. Additionally I feel more energy and vitality.

Mary, California

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